Exception to the Rule

The Story

OK. I'm not actually this dude, but I did meet one once.

Note the background above. That's a shot of the old Palm Garden Grill on Market Street San Francisco. A most righteous establishment and a favorite stop for the PG&E linemen when we were working downtown. (I was what they called a "T&D driver."

The Palm Garden looked like some big old dance hall / tavern from the Days of `49.

You've got to get to the end of the song to figure out the halo

Exception to the Rule - Lyrics

© Joe Muldoon

Well you head into here with your heartache
And you talk about the the Savior to me
You say he wouldn’t approve of my jukin’ around
And I’m damned you can easily see.
But pick up that phone(bass or falsetto) you can catch `im at home
He’ll let you know that everything’s cool
I’m true to the form of natural born
Exception to the rule.

Now Tommy comes in from a workout
Drinking Perrier on the rocks.
Got a phone and a pad and a lead on the line
And he hops when opportunity knocks.
Tells me it’s clear I ain’t gettin’ nowhere
Sittin’ on that old barstool
Tommy I’m out of the norm as a natural born
Exception to the rule

Got your Ten Commandments and your Book of Love
You got Emily’s etiquette book,
Got your Sunday talks where they squeak and sqawk
About how to think and how you should look
And every way to stay straight between the lines
So nobody can ever call you a fool
But that ain’t for me I got immunity
I’m the exception to the rule.

One of my wives, number four, number five
You know I never could keep em all straight.
Still holding a grudge and a note from the judge
But honey buns you just got to wait.
All that money of mine’s gone to whiskey and wine
And you’re quite unnecessarily cruel
So put down the gun, and you’ll see how its done
By an exception to the rule.(hard stop)

Well she kept that smile, and did with style
Sent me to the promised land
I went struttin’ about, you know checkin’ it out
When St. Peter said “You don’t understand”
Due your sins, you can never get in
I say lookie here, everything’s cool
I never preach or pray, but I’m here to stay
I’m the Exception to the rule.